2023 AG Logo - Woven Together

Partners in Health and Wholeness is an initiative of the North Carolina Council of Churches that bridges the issues of faith, health, and justice, offering resources for faith communities to enrich their focus on healthy living.

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/phwnc

The North Carolina Council of Churches educates, inspires, and mobilizes faith communities to advocate for justice. We are people of faith leading the justice movement to create equitable, compassionate, and thriving communities for all.

Christians Caring for Creation challenges Christians to love God and their neighbors by loving God’s creation.

God is Here is a new spiritual formation book for children. It is a lyrical poem about a child that encounters God in creation using the five senses. Each page includes a sidebar with a devotional thought and questions for deeper engagement. Sarah Blackwell, the author, and Natalie Lodato, the illustrator, are members of Providence-CLT. Order through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

We also have a number of exhibitors present at the Annual Gathering!  Come to Ardmore Baptist in Winston-Salem on Thursday, March 23 and Friday, March 24 to learn from our exhibitors, workshop and worship leaders!