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Annual Gathering 2023 Workshops

Our 2023 Annual Gathering will offer a wide range of workshops for laypeople and ministers alike.  Check back often as we continue to add to our growing list of workshops, and begin planning your schedule for engaging in these educational opportunities!

Beyond Recycling
Children’s Ministry After A Global Pandemic: Where Do We Go From Here?
Church Benefits Board: Your Benefits are our Ministry!
Collaboration for Clergy and Lay Leaders in a New Era of Ministry
Everything You Want to Know about Disaster Response
Fellow Pilgrims on the Road
Future of Youth Ministry Think Tank
Let’s Talk Housing and Hospitality
Making Christians: Instruction in the Basic Teaching of Christ
Re-Imagining Your Church Facility As An Asset & Source of Revenue
Reclaiming Religious Freedom
Together for Hope: Transforming Rural America
Translations of the Bible into Spanish: Process, Confusion or Blessing?
Trauma Care in the Church/Atención al trauma en la iglesia
Understanding and Responding to Christian Nationalism
Why Investing in Healthy Congregational Relationships = Flourishing
Why Is Our Mission Work and Charity STILL Needed?