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Annual Gathering 2023 Workshops

Our 2023 Annual Gathering will offer a wide range of workshops for laypeople and ministers alike.  Read on and begin planning your schedule for engaging in these educational opportunities!

Workshops: Session 1

Children’s Ministry After A Global Pandemic: Where Do We Go From Here?
Church Benefits Board: Your Benefits are our Ministry!
Everything You Want to Know about Disaster Response
Let’s Talk Housing and Hospitality
Making Christians: Instruction in the Basic Teaching of Christ
Reclaiming Religious Freedom
Trauma Care in the Church/Atención al trauma en la iglesia
Why Investing in Healthy Congregational Relationships = Flourishing
Why Is Our Mission Work and Charity STILL Needed?

Workshops: Session 2

Beyond Recycling
Collaboration for Clergy and Lay Leaders in a New Era of Ministry
Fellow Pilgrims on the Road
Future of Youth Ministry Think Tank
Re-Imagining Your Church Facility As An Asset & Source of Revenue
Together for Hope: Transforming Rural America
Translations of the Bible into Spanish: Process, Confusion or Blessing?
Understanding and Responding to Christian Nationalism