In April of 2019, CBFNC adopted a new unified budgeting method called Missions and Ministry Funding Plan. The new plan integrated the Mission Resource Plan (MRP) and CBFNC Ministry Budget to create a streamlined approach to CBFNC’s mission and ministry. The new funding plan includes financial support to our ministry partners including state and global mission partners, traditional Baptist identity partners, higher education schools and theological education partners. In addition, the Mission and Ministry Funding Plan contains financial support for leadership development for ministers and churches, collegiate ministry, faith formation, and personnel. Generous gifts from partner churches and individuals make it possible for CBFNC to bring Baptist of North Carolina together for Christ-centered ministry.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak prevented the Annual Gathering and our adopting the Proposed 2020-2021 Mission and Ministry Funding Plan, the Coordinating Council adopted it as a provisional budget beginning April 1, 2020.  It was then approved for ratification at the re-scheduled Annual Business Meeting, which took place on Friday, June 26 during the online CBF General Assembly.

Click here to see an explanation of the 2020-2021 Mission and Ministry Funding plan.

Click here to view the approved 2020-2021 Mission and Ministry Funding Plan.

2020 Annual Report

Read our 2020 Annual Report to learn how CBFNC discovered new ways to resource churches and use your gifts to pursue God’s mission in our state and beyond.  Please share this report with others in your church, ministry and community.  Click here or on the image to view CBFNC’s 2020 annual report on Issuu.com.  Click here to download a PDF of the 2020 annual report.

Learn more about CBFNC’s new budget, guidelines for listing CBFNC and CBF in your church budget, and the best way for your church to give to CBFNC by viewing the three videos.


Lolley Fund for Theological Education

The goal of the Lolley Fund for Theological Education is to support men and women preparing for Christian ministry enrolled in seminary or divinity schools who have a commitment to serving in Baptist congregations and ministries. The Lolley Fund is an initiative of the Endowment Management Board of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina.

Candidates for the scholarships must be nominated by submitting this form and a letter of nomination. Factors that contribute to suitability include (1) evidence of a strong commitment to Christian vocation; (2) an active record of leadership and/or participation in a Baptist congregation; (3) exceptional promise for leadership and vocational ministry, and (4) demonstrated maturity in character, personal integrity and intellectual acuity. The Lolley Awards are merit awards, and reflect CBFNC’s commitment to supporting theological students who embody the highest values and commitments of our congregations.

Click here to download a nomination form.

Contact our office at 336.759.3456 for more information.

Mission and Ministry Endowment Fund

From the generous gift of a church that closed its doors, the CBFNC Coordinating Council established the New Church Starts Endowment Fund. As it grows in value, the goal of this fund is to finance new church starts.

Your gifts to this fund will help CBFNC spread the Good News of Jesus throughout the state of North Carolina.

CBF of North Carolina Endowment Fund

Your gifts to a CBFNC endowment fund can plant seeds of blessing, of hope, and of help.  Designate a gift for scholarships, new church starts, or where it is most needed. Please remember CBFNC in your will or estate plan. 

Contact Jim Hylton at (336) 759-3456 or JHylton@cbfnc.org for more information.

Gifts from individual supporters established this endowment fund to supplement the CBFNC annual operating budget. Gifts to this fund assist all areas of CBFNC ministry as we strive to join the work of God in the world.

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