We’re here to help. For 30 years, we’ve been
a trusted partner for clergy and churches
through transitions.

From our earliest days, CBFNC has assisted clergy and churches in transition. While the system has changed over the years, our commitment to helping pastors find churches and churches find pastors remains central to our work of “bringing Baptists together.”
We are here to walk with you through this time of transition.  Our team offers guidance and help along the way whether you are a pastor looking for a new calling or a church/search committee looking to call a new pastor.


Let's imagine the possibilities together.

Clergy Transitions

The reality is that all clergy will find themselves in a time of discernment and transition. Regardless of the reason for their sense of new calling, this time of change is critically important for the individual minister, the current church or organization they are serving and the subsequent church or organization they will be called to serve.  

Church Transitions

Churches often find themselves in a time of transition upon the retirement, resignation, promotion or creation of a ministerial role. Regardless of the reason for the ministerial shift,  this time of change is critically important for the church and the minister. Ministerial transitions are a normal—even healthy—part of congregational life. 

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