The All-State Youth Choir of North Carolina supports and encourages youth choir ministry in North Carolina churches by offering worship and spiritual formation through relational growth, musical development, and performance opportunities. Those selected for the All-State Youth Choir of North Carolina are invited to participate in a week-long retreat and tour each year. The choir presents concerts in North Carolina churches and is involved in other missions and music engagements throughout the entire week. It is the hope that students leave the week with lifelong friendships, a love for choral music and worship, and sincere spiritual discernment. 

Audition and Tour Details

The 2022 tour is July 17–24. The tour participation fee is $500 per student.  This year’s All-State choir will be housed at Camp Caraway (Asheboro, NC), and then it will tour churches and enjoy missions opportunities throughout the NC central region.  Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 5 and Saturday, March 12 at various churches across North Carolina.

For more information about the All-State Youth Choir, contact Sherry Thompson at

The weather make-up dates, if necessary, will be held as needed for the by the end of March.  Please begin sharing this news with your youth choir.

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Returning Student Information

If an All-Stater was a member of the 2019 or previously auditioned for the choir in 2020, they are allowed to join the 2022 ASYC without auditioning but will still need to meet the registration requirements (which is determined through the TWO recommendation forms) of ASYC.  

All-State members from 2019 and 2020 will receive an invita­tion to join the choir without an audition, but still have to sign up online. Each returning or 2020 auditioned student must fill out an application form online and submit two recommendation forms by March 5. 

Audition Dates and Locations

March 5
Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, Fayetteville
FBC Waynesville
FBC Greensboro

March 12
Winter Park Baptist Church, Wilmington
Hayes Barton Baptist Church, Raleigh
FBC Lincolnton
The Memorial Baptist Church, Greenville

Tour Week Details

Students who have completed 9th-12th grade from across the state arrive at the housing location for the week on Sunday afternoon. Rehearsals begin Sunday night and occur until Wednesday morning. Various breaks and other fun activities are planned in between rehearsal times during the first half of the week. Beginning on Wednesday night, the choir begins the touring segment of the week and travels to churches and other locations across the state to share their music. 

Audition Format

1. Interview- Be prepared to share a few sentences about you, your church, school and community involvement. Also, ­students are asked to submit TWO recommenda­tion forms, to be postmarked or emailed to Phil Campbell ( and Sherry Thompson (  by March 1st, prior to their audition, which will be a portion of their final scoring process.

2. Vocal Range-At the audition site, we will use this as a warm-up for your voice and to give us the ­oppor­tunity to hear your highest and lowest notes.

3. Prepared Hymn-You will need to prepare one memorized stanza of one hymn from a list provided on the website.  During this section, you will be scored on your tone quality, intonation, diction, dynamic control and memorization. If your stanza is not memorized, you will be deducted one (1) point.

4. Sight Reading Hymn-We will provide a hymn that you will be asked to sight read on the spot at the audition site. You will sight read your vocal line (meaning Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) and are allowed to sing on “La” instead of having to sing the words of the hymn. During this section of the audition, you will be scored on your ability to sight read your part with the correct rhythm and correct notes.

5. Prepared Part-This is provided as a downloadable file on the website. You will need to be able to sing your vocal line (meaning Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) from the music provided. You will need to be able to sing the written words on this one and the accompan­ist will play the piano part while you sing your prepared line. Stanzas do not have to be memorized. During this section of the audition, you will be scored on your preparation, dynamics and breath control.