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North Carolina Cooperative Baptists join together in responding to Jesus’ call to go into all the world to share God’s love (Matthew 28:19-20).

We are a fellowship of individuals and churches partnering in ministry so that all people may know and believe that they and those around them are loved by God. As a trusted ministry partner to local churches, CBFNC is committed to serving Jesus Christ, preserving historic Baptist freedoms and calling out God’s gifts in Christians and churches to engage in ministry in our state and world.

CBFNC collaborates with a vast network of partner ministries including historic Baptist agencies and institutions as well as newer organizations that share our values and extend our mission.  Our primary partners are local churches, their members and other Christians who desire to be in fellowship and mission together. CBFNC exercises no ecclesiastical control over churches and ministers.

CBFNC is not a member organization but a partnership of equals.
If you embrace our mission, principles, commitments and values, and desire to share in our ministries, you are welcome in our fellowship.

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Become a Partner Church

Churches are CBFNC’s primary partners. Our partner churches come in all sizes, ages, races, languages spoken, economic backgrounds, theological leanings and worship styles. We believe God’s kingdom is reflected in many ways through the diversity of our partner churches. There is no requirement to become a partner church other than contributing financially to CBFNC. To learn more about becoming a partner church, email

Click here to access a list of our partner churches.

Where Do Your Gifts Go?

CBFNC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and does not receive operational support from any denominational group, including CBF Global. As a result, CBFNC is dependent on financial contributions from churches and individuals to ensure that our ministries continue to support churches, their leaders and their communities.

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Churches supply a significant majority of CBFNC’s income. Other sources of income include donations from individuals, grants, investment earnings, sponsorships and fees. The budget is prepared annually under the leadership of the Coordinating Council and voted on by our fellowship during the Annual Business Meeting at the CBFNC Annual Gathering in March. Click here to view our current budget.

Click here or on the image to access the 2022–2023 Annual Report to read about how CBFNC uses our financial resources to impact our state and world.

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Other Resources

Many CBF partner churches are also affiliated with other Baptist bodies, the most common being the Southern Baptist Convention. The recent SBC action prohibiting women pastors has caused these churches to reconsider that relationship. Several have asked questions of CBFNC about affiliation issues, so we have developed the following resources.

For help with practical support, sample documents or legal advising for your congregation, please email us at

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