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Discerning a change in calling is complicated, often filled with mixed emotions that requires steps of faith. It can be challenging to put yourself out there, not knowing if the denominational partners on the other end understand where you are coming from and the changes you’d like to see in your vocational journey.
While our team can never fully understand what you have experienced,
our experience in various church contexts drives our empathetic approach to help you discover your next chapter in ministry. You are not another resumé to send but a unique individual with passions, giftedness, strengths and experiences that we want to recognize and connect with the corresponding needs of a congregation. Our team will be here for you, providing a highly confidential, collaboratively-crafted process amid CBFNC’s well-connected network of churches and partners.

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To begin the process with us, each person should complete the First Steps form, allowing us to populate your information in our confidential database.

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  • After receiving your First Steps submission, you will be contacted by a member of our Ministerial Transitions team to learn more about you and your sense of discernment. 
  • Next, you will be asked to help us create a unique profile around your unique sense of calling, desires and needs by completing a Next Steps form. 
  • After receiving your Next Steps submission, we will enter into more dynamic conversations about current openings and potential places for your resumé to land. 
  • We will also facilitate resourcing opportunities by enhancing resumés, broadening your network, coaching on talking to search teams and more. 

Building a Resume

Why Resumé Building is So Frustrating: Plain and simple, resumés do not tell the whole story. How can a Word document capture the essence of who you are, your lived experience and the training you have undergone to prepare you for this particular role?

Moreover, such a document can also create unintended barriers and assumptions about individuals based on age, gender, ethnicity, education and more. Not to mention that a job title and brief description do not fully translate the depth and breadth of the skills gained, expertise earned and experience extended.

How do a history of education and a job list express your unique personality or level of emotional intelligence?  If you’d like guidance in creating a resume, click here to access a resources we’ve created just for you!


To move this process to a deeper level, please complete the Next Steps form, allowing us to create a unique profile around your unique sense of calling, desires, and needs. 

**Please do not fill out this form if you have not had an initial conversation with the Ministerial Transitions team and completed the First Steps form** 

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Schedule a conversation with the CBFNC’s Ministerial Transition Team HERE or call 336.759.3456.

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