Peer Learning Groups

CBFNC partners with CBF Global to provide support for local ministers through Peer Learning Groups (PLG).  There are 15 PLG’s operating in North Carolina. This is an excellent way for ministers to learn from and connect with other ministers who share common ministry contexts (i.e., rural settings, multi-staff congregations, bi-professional ministers, etc.).  CBF Global offers financial support for PLGs.

For more information visit CBF’s website.

CBFNC offers matching funds for new and existing PLGs. For funding information for PLGs within CBFNC, please contact Mary Kaylor, associate coordinator, at


Christian Coaching is a toolkit and leadership style that nurtures collaboration, builds ownership and consensus of dreams and goals of individuals, teams, churches and community groups.  CBFNC provides support, training for coaches and coaching services for clergy and churches who are in the midst of transition.  Coaching is very useful :

•  when clergy are in their first couple of years in a new church;

•  when congregations are seeking stability, focus, fresh momentum and consensus; and

•  when staff or lay leadership teams are seeking to clarify goals and implement strategies to fulfill their goals.

Over the past eight years, CBFNC has trained over 40 Christian coaches and 10 congregational coaches to support ministries of our leaders and congregations. For information about finding a coach, engaging coaching services or to explore further the benefits of coaching, contact Eddie Hammett, CBFNC Church and Clergy Coach at

Ministry Networks

CBF Global’s Ministry Networks exist to provide support, encouragement, resources and conversation around similar passions and practices. These groups are made up of clergy and lay leaders from around the country. They are great resources for networking, sharing resources, ministry questions/advice and much more.


Children’s Ministry Network

This network exists to connect individuals who offer ministry to preschoolers, children and their families. The network currently has an active presence in a closed group on Facebook. It also meets annually at ChurchWorks! Conference.

Connect to the network on Facebook.

Learn more on the Children’s Ministry Network Page.


Youth Ministry Network

This network exists to support, encourage, and challenge those serving God and youth among the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The network currently has an active presence in a closed group on Facebook. It also meets biennially at the Oasis Retreat.

Connect to the network on Facebook.

Learn more on the Youth Ministry Network Page.


Church Resources

CBFNC cultivates a variety of resources for churches in the Resource Library, which is organized by topic.  Additionally, our staff has compiled a separate set of Coronavirus resources to help pastors and churches navigate the global pandemic.

Access the CBFNC Resource Library.

Access the CBFNC Coronavirus Resources.

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