Welcome House is a temporary housing ministry for refugees and immigrants seeking a long-term housing solution.

Welcome House is a safe home supported by a team of vetted volunteers who offer hospitality, settlement assistance, and assimilation bridges into the local community. Welcome House supports the client-agency relationship. Guests are clients of the partner agency.

While with us, guests live together for 1 to 6 weeks or longer depending on their situation while awaiting the long-term affordable housing search by the partner agency. When permanent housing becomes available we work together to furnish it—even down to stocking the kitchen with culturally appropriate groceries at move in. Finally, we seek to help orient our new friends as they discover their new American neighborhood.

Our main goal at Welcome House is to share the love of God in Christ Jesus through the ministries of hospitality and friendship. Volunteers from local churches and civic organizations are very important to the ministry. These special neighbors are our immigrant guest’s first American friends. Prayerfully and intentionally that friendship continues to grow in the grace and love of God.


Welcome House Community Network in North Carolina

Raleigh – In Raleigh, Welcome House is a five-bedroom, three full-bathroom house owned by Crabtree Valley Baptist Church. The house has bed space for 12 persons. The current location is the third since beginning November 2015. We have hosted over 275 guests at Welcome House to date.

Welcome House is a guest house of Crabtree Valley Baptist Church. There is no sign identifying the ministry. All guests are referrals from local agency partners and churches.

Following an Open House featuring the new renovations of Welcome House, Shaun and Joy Price and their four children joined our ministry becoming the first ‘in house’ hosts. With the Price’s help the vision we had from our time serving with Canadian Christians in the Matthew House Model was fully implemented. The Price’s were commissioned as missionaries to Wales by a sister denomination January 2019. One week later Rod and Tori Rahimizadeh joined the Welcome House as our second Hosts.   In June 2019, Chris West, member of St. John’s Baptist Church and Campbell graduate, began serving in this role.


Durham – Hope House Durham is a two-bedroom one bathroom guest house owned by Hope Valley Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina. It is not zoned as a shelter. There are no signs identifying the ministry. All guests are referrals from local refugee agency partners.

Hope House Durham follows similar ministry guidelines and agreements with partners as Welcome House Raleigh. HHD does not have a live-in host.


Wilmington – Welcome House Wilmington is a three-bedroom two bath guest house of Winter Park Baptist Church, Wilmington, North Carolina.


Fayetteville – Welcome House Fayetteville is a housing ministry of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. SMBC owns 7 houses next to their church campus. They use the houses for various housing ministries. Temporary and long stay housing is one of the ministry options. This is based on availability.


Winston-Salem – Welcome House Winston is a two-bedroom one-bath apartment supported by a collaboration of local congregations and CBFNC.


Knoxville, Tennessee – Welcome House Knoxville has organized. In October 2018 Cindy Hood was appointed the ministry’s first director.  As of August 2019, Welcome House Knoxville began renting a four-bedroom, two-bath home from Calvary Baptist Church and began to welcome refugee guests.


Chapel Hill –  The Welcome House Chapel Hill group is currently making plans and adjustments to begin receiving refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers.  Since April 2019, Welcome House Chapel Hill has been receiving asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants.

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Kim and Mark partner with CBFNC churches and individuals connecting resources and mobilizing churches to welcome and love their international  neighbors.  In October 2015, they established Welcome House Raleigh shaped after their previous ministries to refugees in Canada.  Seven Welcome Houses have been established across NC and two apartments for ESL and other ministries.   If you would like to learn more about this ministry and how you can become engage in it, contact Kim and Mark (mkwyatt@cbfnc.org).

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