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Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy


What CBFNC is doing with Endorsed Chaplains and Counselors
  • Encourage persons to seek endorsement from CBF.
  • Recognize newly endorsed in our newsletter.
  • Established regional coordinators in six areas of the state.
  • Have at least one person who is passionate about chaplaincy/counseling on our Leadership Development Ministry Council.
  • Host a workshop with CEUs at our annual CBFNC General Assembly
  • Recruit as workshop leaders for regional meetings (Fellowship on the Move)
CBFNC Sexual Harassment Webinar: #metoo #baptiststoo Wednesday, March 21, 2018 11-11:45am Dr. Pam Durso, the Executive Director of Baptist Wom...

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A rehab directory that gives those looking for rehabs choice in treatment by listing treatment centers by categories, such as location and treatment s...

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22 - A government website that provides resources to people looking for addiction treatment. 

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2012 CBFNC Scholarship Recipients. Visit for more information. Through the CBFNC budget and t...

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Christopher Gambill, Congregational Health Services From Flat Rock Church in Mount Airy (11/10/11)
Justin Nelson, Mountain Valley Hospice & Pallative Care What is spiritual care and why is it important? This workshop is for anyone (clergy ...

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from 2013 CBFNC General Assembly at First, Lumberton Eddie Hammett, Author and CBFNC Church & Clergy Coach
Mac Wallace, Pastoral Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist and Senior Professor of Pastoral Care at Campbell University Divinity School Have...

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Chris Gambill, Manager, Congregational Health Services, Center for Congregational Health God’s people don’t always agree. Issues like sexuality, immi...

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The trend of my peers “leaving” the ministry is not only alarming, but tragic. We should not be afraid to examine our calling, we should not be afraid...

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  So you've had a speaker or you've shown a documentary; what now? This webinar will give you tools to help your church engage not only your congregation but the community. We'll discuss a study you can lead on Wednesday or Sunday nights, as well as share ideas for events to educate and engage your community. From easy one-time events like hosting a Fair Trade fair to mentoring a child--we'll cover a lot of ground.

Our presenters are all members of the leadership team for the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking. NCCAHT is a statewide network of nonprofits, agencies and other organizations that work together to fight Human Trafficking in NC. Our first presenter is Patricia Witt of Partners Against Trafficking Humans NC.Kathy Kania of Life107 Ministries is our second speaker, and Pam Strickland of Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now will be last.

Webinar: Making Church a Safe Place to Talk About Dangerous Things

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