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New Church Starts

CBFNC launches new churches, Anglo and ethnic, to meet the needs of "those not here yet."

CBFNC Needs Support for New Church Starts

As Great Commission Christians, we believe in growth - Kingdom growth, church growth and the growth of the CBF movement. We need new church starts to continue this growth!

CBFNC's philosophy is that each church is unique in its expression and in the culture where it is located.

We respond to the community needs - Hispanic, Anglo, multi-ethnic, emergent, a team leadership approach, etc. - to create new churches.

Your church can be a sponsoring church!

Your gifts to CBFNC fund new church starts. However, sponsoring churches are needed to provide prayer, mentoring and/or financial support directly to the church planter themselves. God wants your church to be involved in church planting in your neck of the woods.

So for those of us in the established churches, where do we begin?

Contact CBFNC or Linda Jones at 888-822-1944 or LJones@cbfnc.org if your church is willing to sponsor a church planter or a new church start in ANY way!

CBFNC parnters with CBF Global in training, vetting, and funding New Church Starts. The process begins with an online cohort group through CBF. The CBF Church Start Discernment Cohorts takes place four times a year.  This free 8-week online experience is for those discerning and living out a call to start new churches. It is a creative space for people who are already in the process of starting a church to explore and work through the vision and mission. This is a safe space for all participants who engage in the secure and private site.  

Participants will work through the basics of contextual church starting, introspective writing, and group conversation.  Over the 8-weeks, the candidate will be accumulating his or her writings in a church start profile, which serves as a tool for the starter and evaluation tool for CBF. 

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