CBF Offering for Global Missions

"Because of the Offering for CBF Global Missions, field personnel and other expressions of CBF Global Missions, you and I are being the presence of Christ and sharing the love of God in significant and profound ways. The CBF Global Missions enterprise is financed, to a very large degree, through the Offering for Global Missions (OGM). This offering is received all year long, but many churches focus their efforts to promote the offering during the weeks leading up to Christmas and Easter. I'm embarrassed to admit that until recently, I didn't realize how critical this offering is to our global mission efforts. I was under the false impression that basic global missions needs were provided by regular contributions to the CBF budget, and that the OGM was a bonus for special projects. Basically, I thought that when it came to CBF Global Missions, the regular CBF budget was the "meat and potatoes" and the OGM was "dessert." I have since learned that nothing could be further from the truth. The funds raised through the OGM are absolutely essential for the basic, ongoing operations of CBF Global Missions, including support for field personnel. Approximately one-half of the CBF Global Missions budget is provided through the OGM. Without the OGM, there would be no CBF Global Missions. I am proud of the contribution CBF Global Missions is making to the larger efforts of the Kingdom of God. Our Global Missions field personnel are doing faithful, effective work, sharing Christ's love around the globe, often in challenging circumstances and with limited resources. I pray that our contributions in support of their efforts will be up to the challenge as well."

Larry Hovis, Coordinator, CBFNC


CBFNC supports and participates in missions outside our state, including the missions efforts of the larger CBF movement for Global Missions.



Promote: The best way to plan for the Offering for Global Missions promotion is by using the Leaders Guide. If you didn't receive a copy in the mail, you can order it and other resources online from the CBF Store or by calling toll-free 1 (888) 801-4223.

Don't forget to supplement your planning by visiting the Offering for Global Missions website. Here, you can click on the box for logos and promotional materials to find great ideas, or contribute a few of your own.

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