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Donations may be made to CBFNC:
Lolley Fund, 2640 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC, 27106.


In an article in the November 2006 issue of The Gathering, I wrote about the "good news…bad news" situation regarding theological education. The good news is that the preparation for ministry students are receiving in our CBF partner theological schools is outstanding. In many ways, I wish I could do seminary all over again! The bad news is that this education is very expensive. Whereas I and many other Baptist ministers in the old system received our theological education basically tuition-free, students today face high costs and often graduate with significant educational debt. I reported that because we in the CBFNC family highly value theological education, we have developed two streams of financial support for theological education (in addition to the support provided by CBF national). These two streams are our CBFNC ministry budget and the CBFNC Mission Resource Plan. Thankfully, in our 2012-2013 fiscal year, these two streams together totaled more than $350,000!

This support, which is phenomenal and worthy of celebration, is not the ultimate solution to the theological education funding dilemma because it is built on the ups and downs of annual giving. Therefore, the CBFNC Endowment Management Board has undertaken a massive enterprise to develop a third stream of financial support for theological education that will be more steady, dependable, and will survive until the Lord returns.

On Thursday, April 10, the eve of the 2008 CBFNC General Assembly, approximately 180 persons gathered for a dinner in the fellowship hall of FBC Raleigh to launch the Randall and Lou Lolley Endowment Fund for Theological Education. The Lolleys are cherished leaders in our state who have given their lives in service of the church and theological education. Randall served as president of Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest and as pastor of several North Carolina congregations, including the First Baptist Churches of Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Greensboro.

Contributions and pledges to the Lolley Fund exceeded $300,000, thanks to contributions from members of the Coordinating Council, Endowment Management Board, and other donors, including the generous pledge by Randall and Lou Lolly. Some donors are making single gifts; others are making pledges over several years. Outright contributions, including cash, securities, real estate, and personal property, are all gift-giving options. Deferred gifts such as charitable trusts and will bequests are also popular ways to contribute to endowment funds.

I dream of a day when the Lolley Fund will produce more support for theological education than is currently provided by the CBFNC budget and Mission Resource Plan. Please join this campaign. Our Lord, our churches, and the ministers who serve them deserve our best effort.

~ Larry Hovis, Executive Coordinator, CBFNC






New Church Starts Endowment Fund


From the generous gift of a church that closed its doors, the CBFNC Coordinating Council established the New Church Starts Endowment Fund. As it grows in value, the goal of this fund is to finance new church starts.

Your gifts to this fund will help CBFNC spread the Good News of Jesus throughout the state of North Carolina.

CBF of North Carolina Endowment Fund


Your gifts to a CBFNC endowment fund can plant seeds of blessing,
of hope, and of help.  


Designate a gift for scholarships,
new church starts, or where it is most needed.
Please remember CBFNC in your will or estate plan. 

Contact Jim Hylton at 
(336) 759-3456 for more information.


Gifts from individual supporters established this endowent fund to supplement the CBFNC annual operating budget. Gifts to this fund assist all areas of CBFNC ministry as we strive to join the work of God in the world.

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