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Vocational Resources

CBFNC offers Vocational Resources for ministers and churches as they seek to grow in excellence.

For Churches Seeking Ministers:

Intentional Interim with the Center for Congregational Health

Ministering to Ministers Foundation:


For Churches and Ministers Seeking Excellence:

The Center for Congregational Health:

Consultation and Training for Today's Congregations.
Since 1992, we have assisted congregations in becoming healthier communities of faith. Today we offer the following services:
Consultation helps congregations face challenges and opportunities ranging from strategic planning to team development to conflict management. Our consultants help you do what you know you should do, but are not sure how to do it.
Leadership Development for Clergy offers in-depth education opportunities that assist clergy in developing models for their ministry, assessing their strengths and limitations as a leader and establishing the support needed to sustain ministry. Our programs extend over time and are based on proven models.
Interim Ministry offers the opportunity for a congregation to transform the transition between pastors into a time of growth for the church. We assist congregations in deciding on the best way to use the interim time. We train clergy as interim pastors and intentional interim ministry specialists and provide resources to interim ministers throughout the United States and in Australia.
Faith and Vocation is the newest area of our work. In cooperation with the Wake Forest University Divinity School, we are developing resources that assist individuals in connecting their faith and their work. We are encouraging congregations in their role of nurturing the vocation of their members. Learn more at Center for Congregational Health at

Young Leaders Program:

CBFNC and Center for Congregational Health offer the Young Leaders Program for the 14th year. Young Leaders is a 9 month leadership development process for ministers serving full-time in local congregations. Our own Jack Causey, recently named Ministerial Resources Coordinator, is the pastor-mentor for the program. Substantial scholarships are available to reduce the congregation's costs this year. CBFNC makes a substantial grant to lower the program's overall costs.
To learn more click on or contact Dawn Hall at 336.716.9722 or email at

The Young Leaders' Program is a ministry of the Center for Congregational Health designed to help prepare the next generation of ministry leaders. This effort is intended to strengthen congregational and denominational leaders in their twenties or thirties who have ministry experience, but who have not yet reached mid-life and mid-career. The Young Leaders' Program is a year-long leadership effectiveness process involving 65-70 hours of intensive training over four levels. Three self-development projects extend the growth process beyond the actual training sessions and provide motivation for the integration of the training into the participant's ministry setting.

Each level of Young Leaders' represents a cluster of learning events. When admitted to the program, participants are given a battery of tests and reading list. Participants will read at least one book before the start of each residential session. Another key ingredient in each level is the residential learning time. Designed to be high participatory, each session is led by faculty with specialized skills. The third learning event for each level is a self-development project designed and reported upon by the participants. These projects will enhance the learning between sessions.


Peer Learning Groups - CBF:

Peer learning groups meet monthly to provide opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, Bible study, discussion of ministry-related issues, and fellowship. Currently, there over 130 peer learning groups of 6-12 members sponsored in some way through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Missional Congregations initiative.  Special interest is given to ministers in their first seven years of ministry, ministers in rural settings, and ministers in multi-staff congregations.

Each group is led by a trained convener and suggested resources for group work related to promoting pastoral excellence and congregational health are provided through CBF. The convener and group members determine the focus of each month’s gathering. New groups are being formed and additional members are welcome in previously formed groups. Groups are located throughout the United States and organized into three main geographic regions. Layne Smith is the coordinator for ministers in the NC region.

Limited funds are available from national CBF to help support group formation and resourcing. For information on currently meeting groups, application content, and deadlines, visit the national CBF PLG website. For additional information regarding joining a current group or forming a new group contact Karen Harwell, Missional Congregations Assistant, CBF. CBFNC offers matching funds to those groups in North Carolina who are funded by the national CBF office. For funding information with CBFNC, please contact Ka’thy Gore Chappell.


Ministerial Residency Program (MRP) - CBF: 

CBF’s Ministerial Residency Program (MRP) began in 2004 with support from the Lilly Foundation. The first cycle of the program placed 10 seminary graduates from Fellowship partner schools in teaching congregations for their first ministry placements following seminary. Ministerial Residents serve two-years in a “teaching congregation” which provides intentional mentoring and opportunities for learning for newly graduated seminarians who feel a call to congregational ministry. The program encourages new ministers to begin healthy practices and a practice of life-long learning in addition to the hands-on immersive learning undertaken.

The formal program ended in 2010, however CBF continues to work on a smaller scale with churches who are still interested in supporting ministerial residents as part of their mission as “teaching congregations.” For additional information, visit the MRP website or Steve Graham, Director of Director of Leadership for Missional Congregations.


Current - CBF:

Current is a group of young Baptist ministers, leaders and divinity students who seek to connect young Baptists through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We host an annual retreat, a simultaneous missions project called 11 on 11 and annual gatherings at the CBF General Assembly.

We want to help young Baptists find their future in CBF by helping them engage their culture through hands-on missions experience, enlightening their minds though discussion and debate, and enriching their lives through fellowship with thinking and compassionate Baptist women and men. Learn more at CBF.


CBF Benefits

CBF National offers retirement and insurance (life, health, and disability) benefits for church staff members through the CBF Church Benefits Board. For more information, contact Gary Skeen at (770) 220-1621 or Mailing address: PO Box 450329, Atlanta, GA 31145. Visit their website at


Advice to Ministers about Housing Allowance by Jim Hylton



CBFNC Ministerial Transitions Facilitators

Western NC:

Dr. Terry Hamrick
111 Stonecrest Dr
Asheville, NC 28803   


Central NC:

Dr. Jack Causey
1372 Royalty Cir
Statesville, NC 28625


Northeastern NC:

Dr. Mike Cogdill
Campbell Divinity School
PO Box 4050
Buies Creek, NC 27506


Southeastern NC:

Dr. Mike Queen
4940 Lake Renaissance Cir
Wilmington, NC 28409

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