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CBFNC Launches Coach Network

In partnership with Eddie Hammett, CBFNC Church & Clergy Coach, we have been training Christian coaches for the last several years.  Eddie is a professional coach and licensed coach trainer. Classroom training, mentor coaching, supervised coaching and feedback sessions have brought 15 certified coaches to a place of launching this network to serve CBFNC pastors, staff, and a variety of leadership teams. 

Coaches are confidential thought partners for challenging situations, companions in facing steep learning curves, support and encouragers for tough leadership decisions. We desire to walk with all new pastors/staff entering CBFNC churches for a period of time to help their entrance into their new setting and ensure a healthy and fruitful fresh start.  Research tells us that this contributes to longer and healthier relationships and tenures.

How to Engage in a Coaching Relationship…

1.  Contact Eddie Hammett to explore your desired outcomes, estimated time for coaching services, explanation of costs and a coaching covenant . or call (828) 272-0903.

2.  Eddie will then suggest 2 or 3 persons in our CBFNC network he believes can be best in helping you to move forward in your desired outcomes.

3.  Person to be coached then contacts the potential coaches to set up a free time to interview by phone and check their compatibility. Most coaching sessions are by phone.

4.  The coaches will explain their coaching and covenanting process, costs involved and payment process.  (Coaches in the network have a variety of experience and training levels that Eddie will explain. This variety impacts fee structures)

5.  Fees for CBFNC church leaders are at a 50% discount from the retail market value of coaching.  Coaches are providing this as a service to CBFNC leaders. Part of their benefit is the coach accrues more coaching hours to move them toward their International Coach Federation credential requirements.

6.  Eddie will be serving as mentor coach for the coaches to provide support in skill development and improve their effectiveness as coaches.

Fees for professional coaching services are to ensure professional coaching is rendered and that all persons involved "show up fully" ready to work.  Fees can be shared by church and the person or team being coached.  It is critical to coaching that persons/groups have "skin in the game" that deepens commitment to moving forward in timely manner.

Eddie Hammett’s personal website is should you desire additional information about him or coaching tools and resources. 

Overview of Christian Coaching Certification

Are you interested in CBFNC Christian Coach Certification?

  • Take note of the dates & steps to the next generation of training.      
  • Share it with anyone who might have interest in this certification process.      
  • Visit Eddie's personal website for additional information and articles about benefits of Christian Coaching.   
  • Read a variety of resource articles found at the bottom of this webpage.    

The CBFNC coach training led by Eddie Hammett has equipped me with new skills to help move people and groups from possibilities to action. I have seen firsthand, both through being coached and coaching others, how powerful and pertinent questions can bring forth good solutions that were always present, but yet unnamed. Coach training has prepared me to offer more faithful and imaginative leadership to our church staff and congregational leadership -- Greg Rogers, Senior Pastor, Oakmont Baptist Church, Greenville, North Carolina

“Coaching training has given me a whole new skill set for engaging folks in intentional discipleship. I have watched faces light up as spiritual dreams are discovered and unpacked and long-held nudges give way to missional action. It is exciting!” -- Jayne Davis, Minister of Spiritual Formation, First Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC


Click here to read a variety of coaching resource articles. 


Training Classes

Christian Coach Certification for CBFNC 

In Partnership with Coach Approach Ministry (CAM) 

Training Classes Led By Eddie Hammett, PCC (Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, Church and Clergy Coach for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC and licensed trainer for Coach Approach Ministries and The Columbia Partnership

Click here to see promotional flyer for these classes.


Quickstart : An Online Introduction to Christian Coach Training
This online overview allows you to engage in self-assessment and explore if coaching and this certification is for you. Cost is $50/CBFNC members; $100 for members.



A 2014 Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching

  • 80% saw improved
  • 73% saw improved
  • 72% saw improved
    communication skills
  • 70% saw improved
    work performance
  • 61% saw improved
    business management
  • 57% saw improved
    time management
  • 51% saw improved
    team performance

And of those surveyed, 99% indicated that there were “somewhat or fully satisfied with their coaching experience” and 96% said they would do it again. 

Emerging Next Steps in Creating a Coaching Culture in CBFNC include:

  1. Certified coaches are now available to be selected by coaches in training to be mentor coaches.
  2. Selected certified coaches will be invited to shadow Eddie as a trainer in training.
  3. Finding and Embracing Your Church's Future: A Coach Approach to Strategic Planning has been successfully conducted in 5 CBFNC congregations. Note the ABP story on the impact of congregational coaching at Oakmont Baptist in Greenville, NC. Click here
  4. Coach Approach being utilized in programming for deacons, congregations facing the future and those seeking clarity about their denominational alignment. Click here for registration details.

For information and registration details about coach training, please email Eddie Hammett at

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