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Benefits of Christian Coaching for Churches. Read more.


Pastoral Care that Fuels Pastoral Leadership (the consequences of caring too much)
Many congregations (districts, judicatories, associations) and pastoral leaders are crying for clear, focused pastoral leadership amidst rapid change in our culture …..and most are primarily getting/giving pastoral care. What‟s that about? What are the consequences of minimal leadership in our churches, judicatories, districts and denominations? Read more.


Transformation of a church is a thing of the heart
“The cost of change is always high,” says Edward H. Hammett, about his newest book (with James R. Pierce) Making Shifts without Making Waves (Chalice Press, 2009). “The cost of genuine transformation is the ability and desire to find and embrace the new, believing it is God’s next step for you, though it may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first.”
Eddie Hammett answers these questions and others:
Say a church hasn’t had a net growth in 10 years. How can you transform that church?
What environment should a pastor have in his church to begin making shifts or changes?
Are there “ripples” to watch for in anticipating the waves that endanger a program of change?
Read more.


Can Coaching Help Your Church Meet the Challenge?
Most persons in any leadership role are faced daily with doing more with less, choosing priorities that are most meaningful and moving from talk to action, Hammett writes. Coaching is about all of this. Coaching churches and church leaders maximizes time and energy. It focuses around passion, calling and growth challenges in ways that seminars promise but often miss.

Powerful Questions for Churches on a Missional Journey
...the unknown challenges seem to be how do we move from where/who we are (without losing our identity and integrity) and move into the challenges confronting us to reach a new generation? Read more.  From the January/February 2010 edition of The Gathering.

Transforming Solutions for Church Leaders
Resources available from Eddie Hammett



Making Shifts without Making Waves: A Coach Approach to Soulful-Leadership
a new book from Eddie Hammett

'Church leaders who take seriously the call to be ‘salt and light,' to equip their congregations to transform their communities in the Spirit of Christ, need new approaches to leadership in our rapidly changing times. These authors command a profound grasp of both the ‘why' and the ‘how.' This book makes an extremely valuable contribution to this critical and timely topic.'
~ Larry Hovis, Executive Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

'Change is coming to every area of our lives. The church is certainly not immune. What is the model for leading a mostly volunteer organization to posture for the coming changes? The authors have designed a most practical and perceptive model for those of us who work in parish ministry. Read this book, but more importantly, put these principles into practice!'
~ Bo Prosser, Coordinator for Congregational Formation, National Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

 Also, purchase a set of Eddie's three books:
Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age: Building Bridges Instead of Barriers,
Reaching People under 30 while Keeping People Over 60: Being Church for All Generations, and the forthcoming Making Shifts without Making Waves. All are great resources whether you are a pastor or leader in the church. Learn more.


Reaching People Under 30 While Keeping People Over 60

Being Church for All Generations - the book can be ordered here:

Powerpoint and coaching guide

Creating Come and Go Structures

the book can be ordered at
Powerpoint and coaching guide
Webinar version (see box at top right)


CBFNC and Eddie Hammett

Learn more about the Coordinating Council of CBFNC calling Eddie Hammett to serve as CBFNC Church and Clergy Coach.

Read more about the CBFNC Partnership Funding Agreement with Eddie Hammett.

Learn more about Eddie Hammett.

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