Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship Internship and Mentoring Program

The Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship (CBSF) Internship Program seeks to create space for young adults to exploring a call to collegiate campus ministry. This endeavor provides funding for the creation of internships on multiple campuses across North Carolina where a Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship campus ministry exists.

Interns accepted into the program will serve under the supervision of the Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship Campus Minister in the facilitation of campus ministry events on campus, in the larger community, and beyond. Interns will be given opportunity to explore their call to ministry through leadership opportunities, administrative responsibility, mentorships, service events, and through relating to, and serving in, local supporting Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina partner congregations.

The CBSF Internship Program will provide practical, hands on ministry experience to complement the academic knowledge being gained through graduate level theological education.

Interns accepted into the CBSF Internship program will have opportunity to serve in the following capacities:

  • Interns will relate to individual campuses in North Carolina, under the supervision of the local CBSF Campus Minister.
  • Interns will serve in direct relationships with current undergraduate CBSF students through mentorship opportunities, worship leadership, Bible study implementation, service projects and administrative duties.
  • Interns will meet once each semester with their cohort of interns for the opportunity to debrief and discuss their experiences.
  • Interns will serve in leadership roles at the Mid-Winter Collegiate Retreat held each spring semester.
  • Interns will meet at the conclusion of each spring semester, with their cohort, for the opportunity to discuss their experiences in a guided time of debriefing.

Students will apply and be interviewed to participate in the CBFNC Mentoring Project.  They will be asked about their gifts, goals and vision of what they hope to accomplish through this process. With the aid of their supervisor and CBFNC’s Coordinator of Collegiate Engagement, Dr. Wanda Kidd, they will design a plan of action and implementation that will to best carry out their goals in light of the overall project.

Interns accepted into the program will submit monthly reports to Dr. Wanda Kidd and their direct supervisor. In these reports they will project and reflect on the areas that they presented as their growing points for the mentorship and how they are fulfilling their Mentorship Plan of Action.  In addition to these monthly reports, interns will meet regularly with their Campus Ministry supervisor to evaluate and discuss the effectiveness of their internship and how they could improve personally and the project could be improved.

Interns will participate in an orientation meeting with their internship cohort at the beginning of their program as well as in a debrief meeting at the conclusion of each school year. Both the orientation and debrief will serve as evaluative opportunities as the intern moves forward in their ministry journey.



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